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The website will be undergoing a major overgoing in the next month or so. Sorry about the old pages and lack of general coolness. We endeavor to do better.

ROA Records is proud to present the full length album "Ma Raison de Vivre Ton Amour" by Dish available now at these locations.

Download Dish's "Cold Is" music video for your iPod or iPhone. If you're a fan of Dish, be sure to check out their EP "Los Angeles".

Also check out the cd "Telemision" by Awestruck.

For information on the other artists on ROA Records go to the artists section of the website.

Ma Raison de Vivre Ton Amour" by Dish
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Mission Statement
ROA is a music label by artists for artists who bring out the fine craft of music and songwriting. A label for the artist to have the creative freedom to record what they want where they have the final say on all. The music is first and foremost.
A Little About What We Do
We provide the services and resources that most artists need when not knowing where to start.  With our humble studio we can basically do whatever you need to get your music recorded, released and marketed. MIDI and live musicians available.

Nonsense Records
ROA's hip hop/experimental sister label

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