Ma Raison De Vivre Ton Amour (CD)

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Track listing:

1) Chase My Ghost
2) Cold Is
3) This Ain't Livin'
4) Interlude
5) Death And Romance
6) I Saw A Bird
7) Zombie Love Song
8) Letter To You
9) Tired Of Writing Songs
10)I Will Run For Our Love
11)Closer Dead
12)Family Tree
13)The Song I Couldn't Say
16)Because The End Is Near

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"I Will Run For Our Love" music video

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2009 DISH and ROA Records

Los Angeles (EP)

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Track listing:

1) China
2) That night
3) I'm Ready
4) I saw a bird
5) Maryanne
6) Just be

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More song samples, photos and tour dates available at:

2008 DISH and ROA Records


Roberto and Nathaniel were born in Washington D.C. and raised in Damascus, Maryland. Coming from a short line of musicians in their family along with growing up in such a small town forced them to seek out their own inspirations that led to their unique rustic style. After highschool, being in and out of garage bands and jazz ensembles, they began their formal music training at Stetson University in Florida. The brothers moved to West Palm Beach Florida with longtime friends and band mates David Bayles and Patrick Rufner. The goal was to start a record label and finish an album with their band, Sine, a rock band with Nathaniel on drums, Roberto on guitars, Patrick on bass and songwriter David on guitars and vocals. As fate would have it both friends ended up moving back to Maryland, leaving Roberto and Nathaniel to put together the material they had and Dish was formed. With a drum set made from a bucket, pots, pans, a sad excuse for a cymbal stand, and an acoustic guitar, they began to flesh out songs Roberto had been writing since high school.

A year later, they were discovered by longtime promoter and manager Michael Lopez, who began Fantasma Productions and has promoted artists ranging from The Police, to Santana to AC/DC. Lopez got the boys out to LA and introduced them to legendary Bassist Jen Condos (Don Henley, Stevie Nicks) and drummer Jay Bellerose (Paula Cole, Joe Henry, Ryan Adams, Beck). Both Jay and Jennifer took them under their wings and helped birth the six song EP "Los Angeles" (released May 6, 2008) with engineer Ryan Freeland (Fiona Apple, Aimee Mann, Rolling Stones).

In 2008 the band went back in the studio and finished their first full length album titled "Ma Raison de Vivre Ton Amour" (released March 3, 2009) which received rave reviews from critics in the US, Canada and the UK. Currently selected tracks such as "Cold is", This Ain't Livin'", "Zombie Love Song", "Death and Romance" and more are being heard on radio stations and podcasts throughout the US and Canada.

For more information, photos and booking information, go to their myspace page, facebook page or their electronic press kit.

2009 ROA Records
















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